All four of our junior associates who have participated in The Bar Councill written examination has passed the step of written examination successfully.

Let’s congratulate them.


Now let’s hear a few words from them about their journey.

Rayhanul Islam

It was a long tiring journey of almost 4 years, hundreds of ups and downs, hopes, regrades and thoughts made me questioned the path I chose, but the inspiration of our learned senior Barrister Tapas sir with the help and support of our chamber, especially the support of seniors kept me hopeful and keep me moving. I am really grateful to them. Though there is one more big step ahead I am confident that with the proper guidance and support of my learned seniors I will overcome that step too.

Please keep me in your prayers.

Shihab Shahriar

It was never an easy nut to crack, passing the written exam for enrolment as an Advocate at Bangladesh Bar Council. One more step remaining, but yet you cannot deny calling it a success. Before everything, I must admit I have good luck that made it possible. Having experienced the toughest fight of the Bar Council history, I can say academic preparation is not enough to win that fight, rather the working experience with a dynamic law chamber can supplement your effort; in my journey, Baul and Associates has been that companion. Barrister Tapas Kanti Baul, head of the chamber and my teacher, has always been an inspiration for me. Lessons I’ve learnt from him and from other Senior Associates of this chamber made it easier for me to succeed. Truly I am grateful to my learned seniors: Advocate Porob N Siddique, Advocate Gias Uddin and of course to Ms. Sadia Afrin for their kind assistance. Looking forward to having every support from the team at the final stage of my enrolment.

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